PAMS to provide transport to and from health appointments for Aboriginal communities

Published on Monday, 30 August 2021 at 9:41:54 AM


Caption: Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel with PAMS Chief Executive Officer Robby Chibawe

Earlier this month, PAMS received a $133,000 Lotterywest grant to purchase a 4WD van that will accommodate up to 8 passengers and allow for wheelchair transportation. The van will help facilitate transportation in remote communities, including patients with kidney-related diseases to access dialysis treatment at the PAMS facility due to be completed this year.

The Honourable Kevin Michel MLA presented the grant to PAMS Chief Executive Officer, Robby Chibawe who said the organisation is grateful for the funding which will enable people living in remote Aboriginal communities to travel to and from their specialist appointments.

“PAMS is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services that are culturally appropriate and accessible to the Nyiyaparli and Martu people living in rural communities,” said Mr Chibawe.

“Transport to health services is vital to empower patients who are unable to travel to access health treatment, including the dialysis clinic which will be open later this year.”  

Caption: PAMS dialysis clinic will be open in late 2021.

“The grant from Lotterywest will go towards the new van, fit-out to suit off-road conditions and a wheelchair hoist to help transport our patients to and from their medical appointments.”

 “I would like to thank Lotterywest for their support," said Mr Chibawe. 

“Lotterywest is pleased to support such an important community service that helps transport those with mobility issues to attend workshops, medical appointments and clinics,” said Lotterywest A/CEO Jeremy Hubble.

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