Chronic Disease Management Program

Through the provision of ongoing monitoring, education and support PAMS aims to assist clients to live their best lives.  Our primary health care focus is coupled with our comprehensive chronic disease management program.   This combined approach aims to prevent the development of chronic disease while screening for early warning signs.  

Clients and families with chronic disease are reviewed regularly and supported to participate as fully as possible in their own self-management.  Chronic disease medications are provided free of charge at all PAM’s clinics.

Chronic disease clients are also supported to travel to Perth, Newman and Port Hedland for specialist reviews.  A number of visiting services including a renal physician and allied health teams, travel regularly to each of the PAMS communities to provide care to clients.


The Integrated Team Care (ITC) program is delivered across WA. ITC helps Aboriginal people with chronic conditions to care for themselves with support and help from a GP and multi-disciplinary team.

PAMS provides ITC services to Newman, Jigalong, Punmu, Kunawarritji and Parnngurr. 


The Integrated Chronic Disease Care (ICDC) program aims to bring allied health services to the people. Clients have access to physio, podiatry, dietician and diabetic educator’s services.

Currently this service is done under Panaceum group.