Visiting Specialists

PAMS sites hosts a wide range of visiting medical and allied health specialists including: 

  • Paediatrician 
  • Renal Physician 
  • Ear and Hearing Health Services 
  • Optometry Services 
  • Podiatry Service 
  • Dietician 
  • Physiotherapy Service 
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Mental Health Services
  • Women’s Health Obstetrics

Clients who require referral to other medical specialists or allied health services are supported to do so via the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (travel is usually to Port Hedland or Perth). 

To see the Visiting Medical Services for 2021 please click below: 

Pilbara Visiting Medical Services 2021

Please note the below visiting specialist dates are regularly updated. To confirm the dates and to book an appointment please call PAMS on (08) 9111 1777 

Renal Physician - Dr Harish 



Week of November 22nd

Newman, Jigalong and remote clinics if there are clients there to be seen (can be flexible)