PAMS journeys ‘upstream’ to promote preventative health

Published on Thursday, 19 May 2022 at 8:11:03 AM

The PAMS board and management team have started on a journey ‘upstream’ to prevent health problems before they happen. The Upstream Health Project has been informed by what the local community wants and fits in with PAMS 5-year strategic plan.

To get started, a team from PAMS went to Brisbane on a yarning trip. The Board Chair, Independent Director, CEO, Upstream Coordinator, Child health Nurse and Aboriginal Liaison Officer learnt about how Aboriginal medical services in southeast Queensland are supporting families.

The team visited a Mums and Bubs project called Birthing in Our Community (BIOC) run by the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health in Queensland. The project aims to support Mums and Bubs to be healthy from pregnancy until the children go to Kindy, and even before pregnancy.

“We know that when bubs are born healthy they have the best chance to grow up strong,” said PAMS CEO Robby Chibawe. “Our goal is to support and facilitate healthy behaviours before, during, and after pregnancy.”

Robby says the adoption of the Upstream health model will help the organisation better serve the community by aiming to prevent diseases through a proactive approach.

“The organisation is moving away from the previous repair shop model to an upstream approach in order to achieve sustainable outcomes for the people of PAMS.”

Following this positive visit to Brisbane, PAMS is keen to offer similar programs to support communities in the Pilbara region. PAMS will continue to provide health services and preventive healthcare through the Upstream Health Project.  

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