PAMS Attends On-Country Experience at Parnngurr Community School

Published on Monday, 15 August 2022 at 10:59:51 AM

Last week, our TIS project officer Tina and Chris the Senior Environmental Health Worker were honoured to be invited out on the Parnngurr Community School on country trip.

With a wide range of weather conditions, rail hail or shine we were out helping the St Marks school kids experience life on country.

The trip consisted of various activities which created opportunities for the St Marks school kids to experience life on country. We ensured we established hand washing stations which were utilised to ensure hygiene was maintained. The on-country trip also provided the kids with the opportunity to learn how to set up camp a site which involved a big team effort!

A standout experience was the St Marks school learning and witnessing how to cook Kangaroo tails and watching the finishing product unfold.

On the last night, there was a Juice Off competition at the Parnngurr Community School where everyone was invited to compete. The competition was judged by local people from the community with the prize of a brand new Breville Blend Active Personal Blender and smoothie blender being awarded to first, second and third place.

The on-country experience provides school kids with the opportunity to learn and live out in the country whilst also developing various life skills and building relationships with each other.

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